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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances Directorate of Pension

Our History

  • Further Government of Assam, P&PG Deptt. Have created another two nos. UDA & two nos. LDA for this Directorate vide their Memo no. PPG (P) 62/89/58 dated 6/11/92 along with a post of stenographer Grade-II.

    Directorate of Pension was created vide A.R. Department Notification no. A.R. 29/88/43 dated 08/06/1989.Deligation of power to the Director of Pension; Assam was made vide Finance Department. Memo no. FMP 10/89/17-A dated 20/07/1989 vide memo no. FM.10/89/20-A dated 16/07/1991 and PPG letter no. PPG(P)66/91/1-A dated 26/07/1991 to dealt with the matters relating to:

    • Issue of Pension Payment Order to the retired teaching & non teaching employees of provincialized schools and provincialized employees of Panchayat Department.
    • Issue of PPO for family pension.
    • Delegation for authorization of Gratuity including Death cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG).
    • Delegation for authorization payment of commutation of pension under Assam services (Pension) Rules, 1969 & Assam Services commutation of pension Rules,1965 in respect of teaching & non teaching employees of provincialized schools and PRI employees only with immediate effect.

    Director of pension, Assam was allowed to issue PPO/GPO including F/P in respect of the employees of the schools and P.R.I. respectively vide Finance(A&F)Department memo no.FM 10/89/20-A dated 16/07/1991 and PDA 229/101-A dated 16/09/2000.

    At the time of creation the following posts are newly created for this Directorate as follows vide dated.23/10/1989 with the concurrence of Finance (FC-III) Dept U/O No. FC (III) 2116/89 dated 29/09/1989.

    1) Director –1
    2) F&AO—2
    3) Superintendent—1
    4) U.D.A.—1
    5) L.D.A.—2
    6) DRAFTY—1
    7) Peon—2
    8) Grade IV—1

    Moreover during the Financial year 2011-12 the commissioner & Secretary, Govt. of Assam, PPG Deptt has created 20(twenty) nos. of post of various categories for the Directorate of pension as follows vide no. PPG (P) 113/10/PT-II/9 dated 14/06/2011 with the concurrence of Finance (EC-III) Deptt U/O no. Fin (EC-III) 1527/2011 dated 03/06/2011

    1) UDA—6
    2) LDA---12
    3) Peon cum Grade IV ---2

    And due to shortage of posts of officers, the Government of Assam, PPG Deptt created 1post of Joint Director & 1no. post of FAO vide no PPG(P)173/2009/36 dated 01/12/2014.

    At the time of creation, Sri Arun kumar Chakraborty was appointed as Director of Pension, Assam.

    Total finalized cases of teaching & non teaching employees of provincialized schools and provincialized employees of Panchayat Department since May/1991 to till date are as follows—

    Manual Cases—67,964
    Online cases-----33,475
    Total -------------1,01,439