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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances Directorate of Pension

Classes of Pension

There are four classes of pension-

  • Compensation Pension
  • Invalid Pension
  • Superannuation Pension
  • Retiring Pension

Voluntary Pension:-It comes under Retiring Pension. One can go on Voluntary Retirement after giving notice 3 months ahead on fulfillment of any one or both of following conditions.

      He/she must attain the age of 50yrs or rendered at least 20 years of QS whichever is earlier.

      If any one availed Voluntary Retirement after rendering 20 years QS, he will get weithage of maximum 5years for calculation of terminal benefit only.

      While granting weithage, Net QS should not exceed 33 years and he should not cross his date of superannuation.