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Government Of Assam Pension & Public Grievances Directorate of Pension

Supernation Pension:Granted to a Government servant

Earlier the word ‘Pension’ had been held to mean a periodical allowance or stipend granted to a retired Govt. servant on account of his satisfactory services rendered to the state. Subsequently, in the orders passed by the Hon’ble Apex Court of the country against numbers of cases, the pension is declared as “Right” and “Property” of the govt. servant. When the Government servant retires and/or reach a certain age, he or she can access their superannuation benefits as a lump sum or as a superannuation pension. A superannuation pension is now granted to a Government servant who retires on his attaining the age of 60 years. Any Government servant can apply for voluntary retirement, three months in advance, only after the completion of twenty years of his qualifying service or 50 years of age whichever is earlier, provided there is no vigilance or Departmental Enquiry pending /initiated against him/her.

Age of Superannuation: The age of superannuation has been changed by Govt. from time to time.

1. Prior to 01/01/05 superannuation age was 58 years.
2. From 01/01/05 onward it raises to 59 years.
3. From 30/11/07 it again raises to 60 years.

Calculation of Superannuation Pension of Teaching and Non-teaching staff of provincialized schools:

  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education

Elementary Education:
1. Services of the Teaching &Non-teaching Staff of LP & MV schools are provincialized under Assam Elementary Education (Provincialisation) Act.1974 and their services become pensionable w.e.f. 05/09/1975.
2. Services of those employees who were provincialised w.e.f. 05/09/75 will be counted as pensionable service from the date of opening CPF. In case of provincialisation after the aforesaid date then from the date of provincialisation.

Secondary Education:
1. Services for determination of pension of the Teaching &Non-teaching staff of the ME,HE,HSS,Middle Madrass are regulated by the Assam Secondary Education (Provincialisation) Act 1977 and their services became pensionable w.e.f. 01/10/77
2. Qualifying Service shall be counted from date of joining or date of receiving Adhoc Grant or date of deficit Grant whichever is latter.
3. In case of Sanskrit Tools, from the date of receiving scale pay or 1st April 2001 as per their provincialisation Act 2001.

The following documents should invariably accompany the pension claim:

i. Pension Application 
ii. Age proof certificate 
iii. Service Book 
iv. Last Pay Certificateone copy
v. Sanction copy- Prov. Pension & P/DCRGone copy
vi. Nomination for Death-cum-Retirement Gratuityone copy
vii. Descriptive roll2 copies
viii. Details of the members of Government employeesone copy
ix. Form No. 1(revised)one copy
x. Form No. 1A (new)one copy
xi. Form No. 2(revised)one copy
xii. Form No.19one copy
xiii. Attested Single Photograph/Joint Photograph3 copies.
xiv. Slip containing specimen signature/Thumb impression of the claimant2 copies
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